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We are Strategic Transformation Advisor
who facilitates to help people
open the new door for possibilities. 

We help you find change as source of growth.

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To win in the BIG Unknown, the head is not enough, but the heart and hands are needed.




The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique for use with organisations, teams and individuals. It draws on extensive research from the fields of business, organisational development, psychology and learning, and is based on the concept of “hand knowledge.”

And at Eureka Global, we help our clients solve complex challenges or create solutions with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in these areas:




To win in the BIG Unknown, the head is not enough, but the heart and hands are needed.

Strategy is neither always predictable nor a linear journey. Business landscape is complex, dynamic, interconnected systems in such a way a planned strategy today could be irrelevant for tomorrow.


Thus, we help organizations rethink strategy with "learned strategy" co-created by the collective minds of people who drive them. From focusing on what to do, to why it matters. From the CEO's vision to our aspiration. From planning to playing out the scenarios and possibilities by uncovering insights from the systems.

  • Real Time Strategy for the business

  • Transformation and Strategy Alignment

  • Scenario Thinking for Future Strategy

  • Hacking The Future, In partnership with LUKKID




Thriving together through performance with purpose

How to make your organization thrive under uncertainty? The secret is how you develop the context for and with people who drive it. We treat engagement not as KPI but meaning. We treat transformation not as a plan but doing. We love to help people connect their purpose with organizational purpose, bringing the organization culture and values to life. We help people lead change rather than feeling forced by change.


Because change is the source of organization growth.


  • Real Time Strategy for the Team

  • Business and Team Purpose

  • Connecting Personal Purpose and Organization Purpose

  • Personal Purpose and Aspiration

  • Enterprise Mindset: Deep Leadership Collaboration




When one person becomes better,
the world becomes better.

We make an impact on the world by helping leaders grow others and their business starting with their mind. We facilitate for them to unleashing their thinking capacities, break their habitual thinking and challenge their current reality.


We help them connect the dots at the big picture, collaborate vertically and cross-functionally as an agile team, engage and inspire their team to live their best version they could be. We help your people to lead from any seats while exercising their inner strength holistically.

  • Leading into the Future 

  • Executive Coaching, Mental Wellness

  • Innovative Mindset, Agile Mindset, Strategic Thinking Mindset

  • Complex Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking




If you want to grow business,
grow your people.

Business change is constant. To thrive through VUCA world, we believe the force of change must emerge from within. We help your people cultivate mindset and skill-set that would help them perceive ‘change’ as the new sources of growth.


We use facilitation approach for your people to unleash their potential, growing themselves into possibilities.

  • Transformative Learning for Human Intelligence
    (Agile, Innovative, Collaboration, Empathy and Soft Skills )

  • Empowering Women Leadership

  • Value-based strength,

  • In partnership with PLUSITIVE

  • Systems Thinking




Relearn your customers ‘just enough’ to get going. 

Customers today are human with a complicated mind. Deep down inside, there is a human mind driving customer behaviour. Innovation and technology are external forces for customers’ fast-changing behavior, making them even more complicated.


With our experience in facilitating human insight and agile strategy, we utilize the same approach to help you learn them faster, learn them deeper, and be ready to leap. Because doing is planning.

  • Human Insight Discovery 

  • Exploring and Extracting Value Proposition

  • Optimizing Customer Journey




Use the magic of your ecosystem
to broaden your impact.

All the challenges today are systemic, it’s time to consider creating synergy in your ecosystem to go further beyond.


We’ve been helping organisations collaborate across companies and stakeholders and we love to see how those collective efforts bring new possibilities. This is what we are deeply passionate about, and we would be honored to facilitate for you.

  • Leverage Ecosystem Collaboration

  • End-to-end Transformation


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