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Thailand Tourism Brand Image 2012

 Thailand Destination Brand Image 2012

The first official study of Thailand’s Tourism Brand Image

Thailand Brand Image
With the aim to better understand Thailand’s perceived image and improve the nation branding, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) initiated research on ‘Thailand Destination Brand Image 2012’ conducted by the Eureka Consulting multidisciplinary-expert team.  The study features extensive qualitative and quantitative approaches including new media such as a mobile application that examined 14 strategic markets around the world. Accordingly, the study became the first assessable measurement of Thailand’s tourism brand. It evaluates not only tangible attributes related to tourism elements, but also intangible attributes such as emotional experience during their stay.  The study also reflects tourists’ different ‘shades of interest’ towards Thailand’s different tourism products such as beaches and food.

Nation Branding
Several consultancies have expressed interest in nation branding beyond a country tourism brand, thereby conducting global research on an annual basis. FutureBrand’s 'Country Brand Index' measures and ranks the world’s nations according to a variety of subjects from governance to culture. To read their 2012-13 report, click here. Brand Finance®, another global brand valuation consultancy, published 'Nation Brands 100' which analyses the top nations’ reputation and image and their impact on the international audience. To read their 2011 report, click here.

TAT’s study, along with these nation brand reports, provide rich and valuable data for Thailand’s tourism as a whole, as well as for the involved stakeholders. The country can now be better informed of the nation’s current situation through quantifiable research. Consequently, better strategic planning can now be made to ensure that Thailand’s desirable image and reputation are put across for the domestic and international arena.